Can Switching To VoIP Help Your Business Save Money?

Business owners are often overwhelmed by the vast amount of IT solutions and tools. Investing in upgrading your IT solutions and changing your systems is daunting, so many business owners stick with what they know and add in new components only when necessary.

This reactionary mindset may be costing their company more in the long run. For example, switching your phone system out for a VoIP solution can significantly reduce your costs. Here at Methodology IT, VoIP is something we bring up with almost all of our clients because it cuts costs while giving you even better features and capabilities than a traditional phone system.

What is VoIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also referred to as internet calling, uses your internet connection to make calls. VoIP can be utilized by devices connected to your IP network. Though this sounds new and complicated, it is a fairly established technology. The first VoIP transmission was actually sent back in 1973.

As it has evolved, many households and business have replaced their traditional landlines with VoIP, as it is usually more cost-efficient.

Cost Savings

The savings from switching to VoIP can range, but it is universally agreed that the savings are significant. Ballpark estimates put savings between 30% and 50%.

In addition to these standard savings, data shows that as VoIP becomes more advanced and consolidated, the operating costs will decrease by 3% to 5% annually. The biggest contributing factors to these savings is not having to purchase and upkeep devices, not having to create a wired infrastructure in your space, and only paying for phone lines as needed.

Beyond the savings on usage costs of VoIP, businesses are finding that their employees are more productive. On average VoIP can save a business 32 call minutes a day. This is primarily due to better availability, flexibility, and features that cut out extra tasks.

Beyond the cost savings, VoIP systems also offer features that can improve both your employee’s and customer’s experience. If you are considering VoIP, book a consultation call with us. We would love to continue this conversation.

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