Three Facts You Should Know About Cloud Storage Solutions

Generally, we all understand what the cloud is: an internet hosted storage space. As we are working in an increasingly remote capacity utilizing cloud storage can be a game-changer. Cloud storage has been widely adopted for its flexibility, cost savings, and ease of access. However, cloud storage is sophisticated. Not knowing how it works, what it provides, or what support it needs can leave companies inefficient or even at risk.

1. The cloud doesn’t come with security.

The cloud is not always innately secure and needs additional support to be truly safe and protected from cybercrime. Security options might be available, but not activated by default. Assuming that your cloud solution is innately secure leaves you vulnerable. Work with an IT provider to discover safety measures like folder sharing permissions, access links, sharing limits, and log in location. Breached businesses rarely survive; don’t be one of them.

2. Just because it is in the cloud, doesn’t mean data can’t be deleted or lost.

Cloud data storage is effective, but this does not necessarily mean it’s a good backup location. Microsoft recommends utilizing a third-party backup service in their 365 Terms of Service. Most cloud data storage solutions have limited data backup support—there’s a limit in how far back the backup goes. Most cloud storage solutions automatic backups only go back thirty days. Work with an IT provider to identify a third-party data backup solution that is reliable. Your work is priceless; don’t lose it.

3. Even though you can access your files anywhere doesn’t mean you should.

Technically you can access your files from anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, but it may not be as efficient as you need it to be. Any cloud solution, by definition, requires a lot of bandwidth and a steady connection. Too many companies invest in a cloud solution without implementing a suitably, powerful network infrastructure. If your connection to the cloud is lagging, your files might not fully sync, and working on collaborative documents can become a challenge. We recommend setting up a redundant internet connection to smooth out and stabilize the experience.

Cloud storage solutions can help revolutionize your business, but just like anything else, you need to do your research and properly plan. We can help you get the information you need, plan for every outcome, and implement and manage your cloud strange for you. You can book a meeting with us anytime.

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