Client Success Story – Cloud Solutions

Our client, a furniture retailer with 30+ stores across the country, had to adapt quickly to allow their business to stay open during the events of 2020. Though they were already considering transitioning to a cloud-based system, the quickly realized they needed to act fast in order to minimize negative impact to their business. Methodology IT was able to quickly implement, onboard, and educate their team to a solution that not only cost less, but was more secure and enabled remote working.

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About the Client

Business: Furniture Retailer

Company Size: 50-100 Employees

Location: 30+ stores from coast to coast

The Frustration

A large furniture retailer found that they needed to rapidly transition their networks to be accessible remotely. As the workplace is rapidly evolving, this furniture retailer knew they needed to take steps to modernize their systems and prepare for changes to their business.

Knowing that Methodology IT has the expertise and solutions that could help them do just that, they reached out for help.

The Fix

We knew that we needed to help our client go remote as quickly as we could so that there were not interruptions to their business, but we didn’t want to give them a band-aid solution or open them up to any possible security threats.

We were able to onboard them to Microsoft 365, add extra layers to their security by implementing MFA and creating an Azure environment, transition them to a remote office friendly VoIP system, in total creating a completely remote solution that was in fact more cost effective, secure, and scalable as they continue to grow.

However, our work wasn’t done there. We quickly put together a training guide and held educational sessions with our client’s staff to onboard and familiarize them with the new system and have stayed in touch to answer any questions and offer ongoing support.

The Future

Our solution was crafted specifically to meet the needs of our client’s furniture stores now but doesn’t limit them in the future. We have all learned to expect the unexpected, and so even though we were on a tight deadline, we wanted to ensure our solution would be flexible enough to grow with their company and accommodate a multitude of work models.

Our client is now ready for whatever comes their way and feels free form the constraints of their previous system. Now more agile, they are excited to adapt their business to the changing world of retail and continue to grow.

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