Protect Your Home: Practical Tips for Better Home Security

As the home security market continues to grow, it’s important for homeowners to be aware of the potential risks associated with remote monitoring systems.

Here are some tips to help secure your home camera system:

Secure Your Home Network with Router Protection

It’s important to keep in mind that securing your router is just the first step to protect your IP security camera.

Update the Default Username & Password Immediately After Installation

For securing your security system’s admin account, it is important to have a strong password and change the default device and username. Hackers have access to device defaults and use them to breach security.

Use SSL/TLS or Similar Encryption for Safe System Usage

To enhance the security of your system, enable the automatic update feature if available. Neglecting to update the software leaves it susceptible to hacking. Updates frequently contain vital security patches for identified vulnerabilities, so it’s crucial to ensure they are installed promptly.

Exploring Access Levels for Multiple Users

To enhance the security of your cloud-based security device, consider setting up access levels for family members who use it. Not everyone needs administrator-level access, which is more susceptible to hacker breaches. By assigning lower-level privileges, such as “view only”, to most family members, you can reduce the risk of unauthorized changes to your security settings.

Maximize Your Camera’s Security Functions

Your system offers several security features, but not all of them may be enabled by the manufacturer. It’s up to the user to turn them on. If you need help deciding which settings to enable, we’re here to assist. Some home security systems have sharing options that can make them vulnerable to hacking, so it’s best to limit these options as much as possible.

Keep Your Mobile Device Safe and Secure

To ensure the safety of your security camera, it’s recommended to access it through your smartphone and keep your device’s operating system updated. Additionally, consider implementing mobile anti-malware and DNS filtering, as well as enabling screen lock and automated updating. These measures can help prevent hackers from gaining access to your security system through a device with weak safeguards.

Need Assistance Securing Your Cloud Security System?

Want to ensure the safety of your cloud security system? Contact us for support, and we’ll arrange a visit to set up your security system with the best practices.

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